India’s, and more specifically, Kerala’s romance with the coconut palm and its derivative, coir, dates back many centuries. “Kalpavriksha” as well as the coconut both are integral part of socio religious functions of India. Coir products, that originating from Kalpavriksha, are Elegant, Enchanting, and Eco-friendly. Coir touches our daily lives remarkably in different ways and is increasingly gaining popularity across the world. We are the best Coir Products Manufacturers in Kerala.

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Balussery Coir Cluster

The regional settings of the cluster extend to quilandy taluk of Kozhikode district and cover the following villages: Atholi, Balussery, Koorachundu, Kottur, Naduvannur, Panangad, Uliyeri, Unnikulum.In Balussery block, about 35,000 farmers which includes marginal farmers, grows coconut in about 7,000 hectares. About 12.25 lakh trees contribute annually approximately 6.12 million nuts. After de-husking, the coconut is transported to Tamilnadu, around 50 trucks daily ply between Balussery and Tamil Nadu with de-husked coconuts. Therefore husk is abundantly available in Balussery and more facilities are to be created to enable the utilization of more husks.

The activity in Balusserry was depended on the river banks so that the husks can be immersed in waters for hand-beating later on. Now, only women are engaged in the production of hand spinning yarn from the fine un-soaked variety of fiber. The fiber was sold in the nearby markets known as evening markets, mainly for household and agricultural purposes.In addition to local users, there were some big merchants to collect it from intermediaries and market it in other places. Mats and mattings were also available, but very few players were there even now.

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